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I formed my love of art as a child, using burned out matches to create drawings expressing how I felt and the powerful influence music has had on my life. Later in school, I excelled in art and science but my parents, being "practical" people, knew I couldn't make a living doing art... So, with their enthusiastic support, I learned and have made my living for the past 25 years, as a graphic designer (doing my drawing and painting as a hobby).

A few years ago, someone mentioned woodburning and I thought I'd give it a try. I quickly got hooked! Pyrography, Greek for "fire drawing," is an art form that dates back to ancient cave dwellings. It is the art of burning images on a variety of mediums, such as wood, leather and paper. In Victorian times, a hot fire poker was used for the burning, giving it the name Pokerwork. The tools for doing Pyrography have advanced through the ages — instead of using heated sticks or fireplace pokers, most people now use electrically heated tools.

In addition to my pyrography, I continue to work with colored pencils and acrylics and create digital art on my computer. You can see samples of all my different works on this website.


Colored Pencil Works

Digital Artwork


I will not be doing any craft shows this fall. If I change my mind (a woman's perogative) I will list shows here ;-)